World of Wacraft related functions in a single bot.


Armory Lookups

Easily lookup characters on the Blizzard Armory, get there ilvl, M+ score and progression in a single overview.

Stay up-to-date!

Get the latest news from Blizzard, MMO-Champion or Wowhead directly in a PM on Discord.

GIF Generator

Make the #general chat more fun with random GIF's! Give Plegar a search term and let the randomness begin.

LMGTFY Creator

That one guildie thats asks to much.. Easily create a Let-Me-Google-That-For-You link for him/her!

Affixes Overview

Did you forget the affixes? Lookup the affixes for your region with a single command.

MusicBot Chillings

Chill with guildies in the music channel and share your favorite songs with them.

How to install?

Installing the bot is done in a few simple steps: you can click on the "Install now" button below then you will be redirected to Discord where you have to login. After you're logged in, select the server where you want to install the bot. You can only select servers where you have the rights to add a bot.

Requirements (for now)

Because Plebgar is still in high development you need to make some preperations before using the bot. When the bot is multi-guilded there will be a webinterface where you can set your own channel and rank settings. The things you need to prepare can be found below:

  • Make sure the Mod/Admin rank in your Discord server is called Officer

Create the following Voice Channels:

  • #general
  • #log
  • #music
  • #armory

Create the following Music Channels:

  • Music


An overview of all the Plebgar commands will be found below:

General commands
Command Description Usage
!about Get the uptime and some info about Plebgar !about
!commands Sends you a pm with a list of commands. !commands
!nick Change your nickname. !nick [WoW character name]
!ask Create a LMGTFY link. !ask [Your question]
!affixes Sends you the current affixes of your region (eu, us, kr, tw). !affixes [region>]
!gif Send the chat a gif based on your search term. !gif [search term]
!news Sends you a PM with the latest news from the chosen content. !news [content]
!armory Sends a overview of the requested character. !armory [WoW Char name] [Realm]

Music commands
Command Description Usage
!play Play a song from Youtube. Use an ID or search term. !play [ID or Search term]
!skip Adds your vote to skip the currently playing song. !skip
!queue Creates a list with the current songs in the queue. !queue